Most In demand Jobs In UAE 2021 For Everyone

Most In-Demand Jobs in UAE, 2021 – Complete Guide

High On-Demand Jobs in UAE

As the world is moving towards artificial intelligence and automation systems, the need for more professionals is also rising high. It is also going to become more demanding in the next 20 or 30 years. As the UAE is paying more attention to the digital future, recruiters have made dominant and highlighted the top high-paying and high on-demand jobs or most in-demand jobs in UAE that will become more demanding and competitive in the future. We are going to launch an initiative to help you reshaping your base skills and finding the best high-paying and in-demand jobs in UAE, including our assistance to understand space exploration, autonomous vehicle strategies, digital governance, and artificial intelligence university. Recruiters are saying that these will open up a new gateway for job seekers due to private sector opportunities.

Hasan Babat, who’s a managing consultant at human resources company, Tuscan Consultancy, once said, “The UAE is included in one of the those few countries where the government is setting a remarkable example for various private firms to follow up the demanding need of digitization, by the rapid adoption of digital governance and future trends”.

Recruiters in UAE Who Always Offer In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Recruiters in the UAE are saying that the numerous job vacancies and opportunities will start growing in the future years, as the market of employment slowly recovers after the pandemic situation of Covid-19. The covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant downfall and acute crisis all over the world in the labor market in 2020, with unlimited employees in different departments and sectors being receiving salary cuts, unpaid leave, or laid off. Thousands of them lost their valuable jobs, and millions of companies get into loss due to pandemic conditions of covid-19. Like the virus, Covid-19 is extinguishing all over the world, and the people are moving again toward life, companies are recovering their losses, recruiters are also saying that hiring is also slowly and steadily picking up rapid rise, with many opportunities in various fields like e-commerce, automation systems, analysts, artificial intelligence, and many more.


Most In Demand Jobs In UAE 2

Navin Lewis, the chief executive of Blank and Grey human resources, said, “In the past months, we are managing to speak to various job applicants and employers. Hiring is slowly and steadily rising up and coming back across main key sectors and departments that are contributing a lot to the economy of UAE that includes hospitality, tourism, property, logistics, entertainment, and information technology, but this is also consistently and constantly changing amid the current uncertain environment where a vaccine needs to be found”. He further said that there is massive growth and, in fact, a revolution in new online groceries, e-commerce retailers, and last-mile distribution centers in the most luxurious state of UAE – Dubai.

Your Industry is Looking to Hire You

Most In Demand Jobs In UAE 3

As 2020 is considered a flat year in the market of jobs, signs are coming up in various key industries and companies for the future years 2022, and the present 2021 is also coming back the high-demanding employment in UAE. After deep research and reviewing and revising hundreds of reviews of data critics and experts, we have compiled a complete list of both online and offline high-paying, high-recommended, high-demanding, and essential jobs in the UAE. After the pandemic situation of Covid-19, the world has emerged more transformational towards information technology, information system, and automation systems. Here are the list and categories of the top job that is driving the UAE market in the year 2021.

Social Media and Marketing Specialists In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Most In Demand Jobs In UAE 4

Marketing and branding have become an essentially important core component for a successful business, brand, company, organization, artist, services, and products. Hence, success in today’s world in any sector demands marketing and branding experts/specialists. It’s evident that jobs in this sector are not going out anywhere; these will remain in first intent. However, mainly after the covid-19 pandemic situation, businesses and companies are primarily going towards the online world. They are now relying more on digitization and online marketing to become winners and compete with their competitive companies and companies. The job market has shifted more towards digital branding and SEO experts related jobs in UAE.

You have more chances of getting the best and high paying job in UAE if you are specializing or you are specialized in digital marketing, SEO experts, marketing, or other related jobs. The job roles in UAE are now garnering the high demand for the digital and marketing industries include:

  • Social media specialists and managers
  • SEO experts, managers, and experts
  • Content marketing specialists, executives, and managers
  • Digital marketing specialists and managers
  • Marketing specialists and managers.

Software Developers In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Software Developer In Demand Jobs In UAE

Too, software engineers are considered one of the most high-rated, on-demand, and recommended jobs in the UAE. The essential business-friendly policies and standards of the UAE are making it possible to make starting a business in UAE with the fairest and accessible ways, which is leading towards the burgeoning technical and IT startups. Consequently, there is a perennial demand for not just software developers but programmers are also in high need for these businesses and startups to flourish, enhance, and thrive. Companies and industries in UAE’s prime business districts are continuously hiring software engineers and finding good talent who are specialized developers and software programmers. The most demanding job titles for software engineers include:

  • Software engineers
  • Web developers
  • Artificial tools developer
  • Software developer
  • Front End and Back End Developers
  • Android Developers
  • Software engineers
  • Systems engineering manager

You can be specialized and skillful in all these high-demanding jobs for software engineers/developers

Engineers In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Engineers In Demand Jobs In UAE

Engineering is another ever-green and never-ending field that offers the best opportunities to engineers to get a hot job in Dubai or any other state of UAE. Foreign engineers who are specializing in petroleum engineer and chemical engineering can catch a high-paying and promising career in UAE. Thanks to the abundant quantity of refineries and oil rigs in the region. Engineers who belong to other sub-fields and sectors in engineering to the aerospace, electronics, and mechanical industries also have a high scope to find well-settled job opportunities in UAE.

  • Petroleum engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Aerospace engineering

Either you are a software engineer or electronics engineering, your engineering skills and demanding services will never fade out.

Recruitment and HR In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Recruitment & HR In Demand Jobs In UAE

If you are belonging to the field of talent acquisition and HR, then it’s a plus point for you if you are looking and trying to figure out your career in UAE. With so many labor laws, to be more updated and well-aware in a bid for creating a healthy and secure work environment for all kinds of employees, there is high demand for HR professionals. Similarly, it is also essential for companies to find the right talent that is also a good and solid fit for the industry or an organization – this is where HR jobs and talent acquisition specialists came into play.

You can easily find good-paying and on-demand jobs in UAE if you fall into any of the following categories

  • HR business partners
  • HR managers
  • Talent acquisition specialists
  • Employment manager
  • Staff Coordinator
  • HR assistant
  • HR mentor

So, if you are an expert or specialized in finding the best, appropriate, and suitable person for the right jobs and pro in benefits and compensation – always keep an eye on the job vacancies about HR or recruitment vacancies in UAE.

Jobs in Finance and Accounting In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Finance & Accounting In Demand Jobs In UAE

Due to the rapid increase in the corporate landscape and evolving different types of businesses and industries, recruiters are always looking for getting their tasks accomplished at suitable business targets and for doing streamlined financial processes. From SMEs and startups to multinationals, there is always a demand for a professional, specialist, CA, and an expert in the finance sector and accounting-related sectors.

The most sought-after jobs and occupations in UAE for finance and accounting includes:

  • Management accountants Jobs In UAE
  • Chief Financial Officers Jobs In UAE
  • Financial Analysts Jobs In UAE
  • Account Broker Jobs In UAE
  • Account Executive/Manager Jobs In UAE
  • Credit analyst Jobs In UAE
  • Customer service-finance Jobs In UAE
  • Actuary Jobs In UAE
  • Appraiser Jobs In UAE
  • Client service-finance Jobs In UAE

Depending on different levels in the sectors of this field, there are a lot of demanding jobs in the UAE related to accounting and finance, and you should opt for these jobs and apply for them for a better future.

Risk and Security Management In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Risk Management In Demand Jobs In UAE

These jobs are also reviewed by Linked reviews about 2021 most in-demand jobs in UAE. There is an extensive list of jobs for the positions of security analysts and risk managers. Due to the growing world towards information technology and online systems or digitization, most of the companies are going entirely towards the present and future IT trends by adopting new technologies and moving towards the digital world, there is a significant risk and threat to business security and data, especially in the absence of security professionals (for in-house and cloud-based too) who can inspect, mitigate, foresee these risks. The most demanding occupations in UAE about risk and security managers include:

  • Risks managers Jobs In UAE
  • Security managers Jobs In UAE
  • Loss control consultant Jobs In UAE
  • Environmental compliance officer/specialist Jobs In UAE
  • Compliance consultant Jobs In UAE
  • Compliance Officer Jobs In UAE
  • Risk analyst Jobs In UAE
  • Model risk specialist Jobs In UAE
  • Risk and compliance investigator Jobs In UAE
  • Regulatory affairs manager Jobs In UAE

opt for any of the jobs mentioned above for the field of risk and security management in the UAE.

Digitization and Artificial Intelligence In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Digitization and Artificial Intelligence In Demand Jobs In UAE

If you are belonging to the Digitization and Artificial Intelligence sector, your chance of getting a good job can be boosted in UAE by several folds. Over the past decade, the reliance on emerging and new technologies and automation systems are increasing day by day. Machine learning is one of the emerging fields of artificial intelligence and thanks to global giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and many more for the adoption of such technology trends. Furthermore, the demand for specialists, skillful experts, and professionals in this field has also mushroomed rapidly. In 2021, a healthy need for the Digitization and AI experts/specialists for the in-house technology and cloud-based computing team experts in UAE. Besides high-paying jobs of Digitization and AI in UAE, Artificial intelligence and Digitization specialists are now also included in those professionals who can quickly get a long-term residency visa in UAE.

Instead of AI jobs, if you have relevant or equivalent experience in leading the digitization of a company or digital transformation, you can easily acquire and qualify for the top-rated, best, and in-demand job roles in UAE for the years 2021 and 2022 also. As the industrial area and companies in UAE are adopting remote work environments and new practices, they are always looking for those who can implement and run digital transformation and lead their digital or IT departments.

Some of the most in-demand jobs referring to AI, machine learning, and digitization includes:

  • AI expert Jobs In UAE
  • ML Engineer Jobs In UAE
  • Data Scientist Jobs In UAE
  • ML Scientist Jobs In UAE
  • AI application engineer Jobs In UAE
  • AI data analyst Jobs In UAE
  • AI research scientist Jobs In UAE
  • Data annotation expert Jobs In UAE

From these top-rated jobs, you can find your specific career path and choose one of these as a career and opt for a high-paying job in UAE. Different roles related to machine learning engineers include AI architect, data scientist, software engineer, and software developer.

Admin Assistants and Data-Entry Specialists In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Admin Assistants High Demand Jobs In UAE

Administration and business support are imperative for all companies and organizations to continue their operations and functions smoothly, consistently, and efficiently. Administrative assistants and data entry specialists/operators can play an essential role in ensuring businesses, companies, and agencies – both big and small. These are required to establish strong bonding between customers/clients and businesses, create a more robust industry or organizations presence, function efficiently, maintain proper documentation and information database, and build networking relationships. The most demanding jobs related to data-entry specialists and admin assistants include:

  • Administrative services manager Jobs In UAE
  • Administrative support manager Jobs In UAE
  • Administrative Director Jobs In UAE
  • Data entry clerks Jobs In UAE
  • Data entry operators Jobs In UAE
  • Data entry specialist Jobs In UAE

Suppose you want to acquire data entry jobs or admin assistant jobs for entering physical or written or computer-based entries on hard forms or computers. These records can be reports, bills, canceled checks, medical records, or other data.

Doctors and Nurses

Doctors & Nurses High On Demand Jobs In UAE

Some demanding careers fluctuate over time, fade in or fade out, and due to given industry requirements, but there are various jobs and job categories that never go out of the jobs market. Even during the pandemic situation of Covid-19, doctors and nurses in UAE were in great demand to cope with this challenging virus with the help of the progressive healthcare systems of Emirates. Frontline doctors and nurses are always in need in every situation in the healthcare departments of the UAE.

Once a foreigner succeeded to get the DHA license, they are allowed to practice in their healthcare-specific sectors at any of the hospitals in UAE. Healthcare jobs, especially the nurses and doctors, are always high-paying and most demanding jobs in UAE. You can start your career in any of the following criterion jobs like

  • Support services Jobs In UAE
  • Health informatics Jobs In UAE
  • Heart specialist Jobs In UAE
  • Eye specialist, Jobs In UAE
  • Radiology technician Jobs In UAE
  • Diagnostic services Jobs In UAE
  • Therapeutic services Jobs In UAE
  • Phlebotomy technician Jobs In UAE
  • Physical therapy assistant Jobs In UAE
  • Biotechnology research and development Jobs In UAE

Thus, there are hundreds of in-demand jobs related to nursing, doctors, and healthcare along with handsome payment.


Teachers Jobs In UAE

One of the significant and primary objectives of the strategy of the Ministry of Education 2017-2021 is to provide and ensure quality education that is equivalent and inclusive for all. This is leading the job market towards the healthy demand of teachers, professors, and lecturers across the UAE. Foreign teachers can teach there if and only if they qualify or selected for the teaching license in UAE to be able to become a part of the innovative and creative education system of Emirates. Salaries offered in UAE for the jobs of teaching is usually excellent and handsome based on the level of expertise of the candidate because teachers at the education sector of the UAE Schools System of the government are the focused part of a workplace that are utilizing the best resources for accomplishing impressive improvements and development in the lives of the students. After all, the hound generation and students are the future of a nation that can’t b neglected. Job vacancies from the educational sector include:

  • Vice Principal Jobs In UAE
  • School Principal Jobs In UAE
  • Health Education Teachers Jobs In UAE
  • Business Studies Teachers Jobs In UAE
  • Primary/Elementary English Teachers Jobs In UAE
  • Primary New Graduate Teachers Jobs In UAE
  • Physics Teachers, Math’s Teachers Jobs In UAE
  • Scouts/Guides Instructors Jobs In UAE

In order to acquire a teaching job for an English subject in UAE, most teachers are prior to passing the TEFL or other teaching certifications. The average salary for teachers ranging from $3,500 to $5,500 per month that is quite reasonable.

Hospitality and Tourism Professionals

Hospitality & Tourism Jobs In Dubai

Another set of most demanding jobs in the UAE includes the industry sector of tourism and hospitality. UAE, and especially the luxurious and prosperous state of UAE called Dubai, is world-famous, and tourists from all over along, outsiders, and multinationals are always visiting it from all over the globe. Hence, we can say that there is a perennial need for the jobs of hospitality and tourism. The following points are depicting the most demanding jobs for this sector that includes:

  • Chefs Jobs In UAE
  • Cleaning and housekeeping stuff Jobs In UAE
  • Restaurants Jobs In UAE
  • Hotel and restaurant managers Jobs In UAE
  • Tour guides Jobs In UAE

Even you can imagine that these businesses and industries are never going to be closed at any cost. You can opt for any of these jobs for better future life.

Digital Content Freelancers

Freelancer Jobs In Dubai

Freelancers and the freelancing field are the most demanding in current situations; it has become a trendy, funky career due to the fact that it is supporting a lot to the local economy and the proprietor businesses and organizations during the pandemic condition of Covid-19. The UAE government has created work permits for freelancers to work internationally in different departments and fields. Additionally, the adopting sectors for digital platforms all over the world, the rise in the online activities and demands, and the changing behavior of consumers towards high demand of freelancers and increasing demand in the field of digital content related various jobs. The most needed and the most demanding experience and skills include:

  • YouTube (YouTuber) Jobs In UAE
  • Blogging (blogger Jobs In UAE)
  • Social Media Marketing Jobs In UAE
  • Creative writing Jobs In UAE
  • Video Production Jobs In UAE
  • Websites Development Jobs In UAE
  • Android Developers Jobs In UAE
  • Content Coordinator Jobs In UAE
  • Podcaster Jobs In UAE

All of the above niches or work criteria areas are the most demanding not just in UAE but also all over the world.


Ecommerce Jobs In UAE

Although the field of e-commerce is growing steadily in the markets of UAE year after year, the pandemic Covid-19 has made it necessary and a necessity too to create virtual stores as a new way of looking at online businesses and getting the revenue generated to stay afloat. This is explaining that why the platforms of virtual stores (for example, are continuously and moderately growing the e-commerce side/sector of the UAE and attract new clients, customers, and visitors. The most demanding skills and experience in the e-commerce side includes:

  • Digital Marketing Jobs In UAE
  • Digital Branding Jobs In UAE
  • Ecommerce Coordinator Jobs In UAE
  • Online specialists Jobs In UAE
  • Search engine optimization (SEO experts) Jobs In UAE

All of the above-stated skills and jobs are the most demanding and necessary in different departments and businesses in UAE.

Sales Roles and Business Development

Business Development Jobs In UAE

Whenever the economic side of UAE slowly and steadily picks up a ride, the businesses and the industries like technology and software always saw a trend that is upward in the various regions of UAE by enabling digital transformation. The most appreciative and complementary factor for this tremendous growth is the only decision of the UAE government that is allowing the entrepreneurs and the foreign investors for setting up their businesses and companies without the involvement of local stakeholders, which results in more people of sales or resellers that are usually hired in the UAE different firms and sectors for capitalizing their growth, lessen the workload and distributing the tasks for generating better revenue and sales. Most demanding and high on-demand experience and skills include the following evolving jobs:

  • Lead Generation Jobs In UAE
  • Team management Jobs In UAE
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs In UAE
  • Business Development Specialist/Associate Jobs In UAE
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Jobs In UAE
  • Vice President of Sales Jobs In UAE
  • Sales Team Lead. Jobs In UAE

These are the most influencing and impacting jobs; you can easily acquire a dominating position in these jobs.

Personal and Professional Coaches

Professional Coach In UAE

As several roles are impacting a lot in various industries and sectors, many of them have adjusted and positively get affected results after becoming professional and career coaches. It’s also one of the most leading and exceptionally demanding experiences and skills. The job titles include:

  • Life Coach Jobs In UAE
  • Leadership Coach Jobs In UAE
  • Personal Trainer Jobs In UAE
  • Health Trainer Jobs In UAE
  • Sports Trainer Jobs In UAE

These are not just handsome salary offering jobs but also needs less stress to be accomplished.

Creative Professionals

Creative Professionals Jobs In Dubai

UAE is also known as one of the regional solid and creative hubs, with many talent hunting fields and works with talent streaming from various parts of the world like North Africa and the Middle East. Data is showing that video producers and freelance writers in the Middle East. Data shows that video producers and freelance writers are high in demand in 2021 in UAE, as these creatives are necessary for any business to be run and enhanced. More and more companies are looking for talented and creative

  • Graphic designers Jobs In UAE
  • Illustration Creators/ Illustrators Jobs In UAE
  • Writers Jobs In UAE
  • Video Producers Jobs In UAE
  • Fashion Stylist Jobs In UAE
  • Art Consultant Jobs In UAE
  • Social Media Manager Jobs In UAE
  • Call center manager Jobs In UAE
  • Accountant Jobs In UAE
  • Deputy Director Jobs In UAE
  • Bartender Jobs In UAE
  • Team Leader and many more. Jobs In UAE

All these jobs and fields require the most talented, experienced, and rich portfolio person, so what you need is professional work and samples to show them your creativity to hire you without hesitation and give you a way to enhance your career in UAE.

Language Services

Language In Services Jobs In Dubai

This category of jobs has faced a rapid and tremendous increase of 134 percent in the year 2021 compared to the previous year’s 2019 and 2020 with English Teachers and Medical Interpreters for those who need a translation of your language in other languages understand as a Translator role. The most demanding and jobs required in UAE related to translation and language Services includes:

  • Proofreading Jobs In UAE
  • Legal Translators Jobs In UAE
  • Certified Translators Jobs In UAE
  • Certified terminologist Jobs In UAE

Language translators, either spoken or written, are not trending but necessary for deliverables to overcome the language gap.

Journalist and Online News In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Journalist and Online News Jobs

At the starting point of the pandemic, the UAE government decided on the limitation of distribution of printed papers, newspapers; any type of printed media was not allowed to spread anything physically because it spreads the virus Covid-19. However, the rapidly evolved condition and situation due to Covid-19 has given an excellent appetite for related information and news, thereby increasing the demand for online media consumption and resulting in an approximately 58 percent rise for hiring News and Journalism roles. The most needed job titles and skills include:

  • Journalism Jobs In UAE
  • Editor for editing Jobs In UAE
  • Television producer Jobs In UAE
  • Content provider Jobs In UAE
  • Content writer for news and journalism Jobs In UAE

Hence, you can be an influential journalist and an online news recorder or an anchor by getting a job in UAE.

General Business Roles In-Demand Jobs In UAE

Business Administration Jobs

Many organizations and businesses are adopting new plans and policies to cope with the present challenges and keep up with the growing and fast-changing needs of businesses and companies in UAE, 2021. Hundreds of jobs opening are for top management positions with the requirement of skills and experience in these job positions to provide the best business strategies and planning. The most demanding job titles and skills include:

  • Managing Partner Jobs In UAE
  • Outreach Manager Jobs In UAE
  • Head of Compliance Jobs In UAE
  • Organizational Development Manager Jobs In UAE
  • Strategic Planner Jobs In UAE
  • Business team leader Jobs In UAE
  • Team Manager Jobs In UAE

Many other job titles need to pay attention to them, but the above-listed job titles are the most in-demand jobs in UAE and most needed jobs in UAE, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the high-paying and most leading jobs in & In-Demand Jobs In UAE?

Salary packages are varying from company to company, business to business, and job to job requirements, but some are the better careers that need to be adopted. Some of the most important and highest paying jobs in UAE includes:

  • Doctors Jobs In UAE
  • Financial Analysts and CFOs Jobs In UAE
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialists Jobs In UAE
  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineers Jobs In UAE

Is AED between 4000 to 6000 from a salary is the best package or not in UAE for In-Demand Jobs In UAE?

A good salary is varying because salary requirements depend on various factors like your lifestyle and daily or monthly needs. Some can stay happy and blessed in an average wage, while others still think they have less if they have millions of dollars. However, with an average salary of 4000 to 6000 AED, you can easily find and live a good standard life with reasonable accommodation in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Al Nahda, and Jumeirah Village Circle without being paid for high five and five start hotels.

Can I/someone can Live in UAE without a job?

There are various types of visas that are available in UAE’s different states that are allowing legally to stay in the UAE. However, the most common type is a free visa and residency visa that is issued on the basis of a valid work permit. It means you can live in UAE without having a job if you have a free visa and residency visa. This is not limited to the UAE residency visa and a free visa for emoting workers in UAE; many other visa types allow them to stay without a job. Amazing!

There you have a complete guide and a roundup of high demanding jobs in the UAE. While the UAE remains a highly recommended and sought-after type of place/destination for all people living all over the world and trying to seek better career growth and job opportunities, there are also tough and strict protocols and regulations that are governing ex-pats type of working in the UAE.

The minimum age allowed and required for getting a job in UAE is 18. Those foreign seekers of the career who are 18+ and who are fulfilling other requirements and criteria for working in UAE are allowed. The UAE government makes them eligible for getting a working permit in UAE.

Your work permit is also applied for by those responsible for giving you a job. Those who are your employer from the UAE government and your employer need to pay for the work permit fee and its renewal if necessary or when due. You can also work as a part-time worker in UAE, even when you are doing some of the most influential and in-demand jobs in UAE, after filling the bill. You can get an opportunity to get a handsome paying job in UAE, but skills and experience are the most demanding requirements that are not by the recruiters.


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